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7th Day of Construction Gifts: Phone Mounts Built for Rugged Environments

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If you’ve ever tried to mount your phone in a cab or in the shop, you know how flimsy most store-bought models really are.

Mob Armor’s MobNetic mounting series features 90-pound pull-force rare-earth magnets for one of the strongest grips this side of the Mississippi.

The mounts are capable of nearly unlimited mounting locations for your smartphone or other handheld devices. It can be tilted 90 degrees, rotated 360 degrees or angled for optimal viewing.

Mob Armor phone mounts are built to withstand rugged environments.Mob ArmorThe magnet will attach to almost any surface made from iron, steel, nickel or several other metals. It also comes with two MobNetic shield plates and two Mob discs for mounting on non-metal dashboards and other surfaces.

“My phone always stays put even when riding through harsh terrain and large bumps. Worth the price – and so far no other magnet mounts that I have tried come close to the strength of these,” says one reviewer.

The MobNetic Maxx (MobNetic Pro) Magnetic Car Mount features solid metal construction and is hand-assembled in the United States. The mount is $49.99 and can be purchased from the Mob Armor website or Amazon.