Construction Management

Track All Equipment on One Screen – No Matter the Brand – with FleetWatcher CMS

When OEM telematics first became available to heavy equipment contractors, one of the main concerns about the OEM systems was that they didn’t allow fleet managers to get a fleet-wide look at their machines. For every brand of machine, you had to go to a different website, and that made it difficult to get quick daily updates or compile aggregate statistics for periodic analysis.

The FleetWatcher Construction Management Solution from Earthwave simplifies maintenance planning across the entire fleet, regardless of equipment type or manufacturer. Instead of having to log into the telematics platform for each equipment manufacturer, CMS aggregates the data across the fleet so users can see at a glance where they stand on maintenance due. 

The maintenance-due reports are color-coded providing supervisors with an at-a-glance status report. Yellow indicates equipment that is within 36 hours of its required maintenance. Equipment at or past its maintenance due date shows in red. This allows fleet maintenance managers to better manage in-shop personnel, equipment availability and service trucks in the field. FleetWatcher data can be shared with all applicable personnel via cellphone, tablet or computer. 

Reports are available online or in Microsoft Excel format and can be shared with any team member. Over 20 reports and hundreds of filtering options allow users to customize the information they needed to manage their business more effectively and efficiently. 

In addition to maintenance, FleetWatcher tracks cycle times, productivity, downtime, equipment utilization and underutilization, project status, budgets, shop costs, rental expenses, trends and behaviors. It also integrates with all major management programs including accounting, estimating, invoicing and more.

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