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Stellar’s New Lightweight Service Body Handles 4,000-Pound Crane

Stellar has rolled out a new lightweight, corrosion-resistant truck service body that can handle up to a 4,000-pound crane.

Designed as a mechanic’s field truck for utility and construction contractors, the new TMAX 16K aluminum service body can be equipped with Stellar’s EC3200 Aluminum Telescopic Crane, which weighs 500 pounds, 230 pounds less than its steel counterpart. The compact aluminum telescopic crane delivers 3,200 pounds of lift capacity and 15 feet of horizontal reach.

The lighter weight of the crane and service body allow for increased truck payload, the company says.

“We’re all about trying to get more payload options for people,” said Adam Opperman, Stellar product manager, at the Utility Expo in September. “So that’s why we do aluminum; it’s lighter than steel, and it’s also more corrosion resistant than steel.”

Stellar’s Light-Duty Mechanic Cranes are powered, controlled and monitored by the hand-held, remote-control Stellar Crane Dynamics Technology.

Stellar’s EC3200 aluminum crane can lift 3,200 pounds.StellarThe TMAX series includes an aluminum extrusion compartment top that has two built-in accessory mounting rails, so you don’t have to drill holes to mount equipment. The rails make removing and attaching accessories easy and reduce water intrusion into the compartments, according to Stellar.

The extruded compartment top also has wire harness channels inside the compartments for storing wires out of the way. Other features include stainless-steel billet style hinges, three-point stainless-steel compression latches, double spring over center door closures and undercoating for corrosion resistance. The body is painted with a two-part polyurethane enamel paint for added protection and visual appeal, according to Stellar.

Contractors who need a welder body might also want to check out Stellar’s TMAC 1-11, which features a 30-inch workbench bumper with slide-out tray to serve as a workstation for torch cutting and welding.

“The trays’ removable support slates allow for blow-through to the ground, keeping your workspace clean, and the 2-inch V channel that run the length of bumper make for easy clamping,” the company says.

The welder body is equipped for Stellar’s TC Series Cranes, which also use hand-held remote control.

Stellar TMAX 1-11 Welder Body for service trucks
Stellar TMAX 1-11 Welder BodyStellar 

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